*Fox music drama “Star” is going through a familiar change following its season one finale.

The Lee Daniels drama, which wrapped its season on Wednesday, is replacing its showrunner for the second time, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with Chuck Pratt stepping down from the girl-group series.

Reps for Pratt say he was only planning to stay for the first season, anyway. Sources say the exit was amicable and done after production wrapped on season one.

The search for a new showrunner for the previously announced second season is under way.

This is the second time that “Star” has made a showrunner change. Pratt (“Desperate Housewives”) replaced original showrunner Charles Murray, who bounced in September after having a different vision for “Star” than Daniels and co-creator Tom Donaghy.

It’s unclear when a replacement will be announced. Also unclear is if the 13-episode second season of Star will be scheduled for the fall or another midseason debut.