Timolin Langin, teacherpreneur, money magnet, and founder of New Fit World TV

Timolin Langin, teacherpreneur, money magnet, and founder of New Fit World TV

*Author, veteran teacher, real estate investor, and world traveler Timolin Langin’s roots are in a small town in Mississippi.

There, a generation of relatives with a “mother’s wit” for financial success taught her how humble earnings could yield a fiscal life stable enough to support all her dreams, travels and interests.

Her first lessons were given to her by her grandmother, great-grandmother (mother’s side) and father.

They were good stewards of money who passed on sensible spending habits and wealth building money management practices by example.

For Timolin, her financial success has been a logical progression, but after watching many smart people struggle with their finances, she realized that her money sense is an uncommon gift. She has decided to share her practical habits and easy to implement strategies that enables her to live like a millionaire on any budget by way of a modest teacher’s salary.

She proves that financial success is less about actual income or specific dollar amount, and more about effective money management, passion or purpose, and a zest for living. Whether you make $10,000 per year or $10,000,000 per year, there are similar philosophies and universal truths that are common to all who seek to grow wealth.

If one is faithful with little, one will be faithful with much and only then will more be given is an adage Timolin lives by and believes essential to growing and maintaining wealth for generations. She strongly places emphasis on strategic use of the money tool; not the actual amount of money you have currently.

Timolin takes a holistic approach to wealth building that impacts every area of life. This belief underscores her workshops, her blogs, her book talks/writings as author of Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire on Any Budget and contributing writer to “Hoarders” star, Dorothy Breininger’s book Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff.

She focuses on the rarely discussed element and hindrance to wealth building called Emotional Spending/Overspending — a factor she explains in her debut book, in addition to specific tasks one can take to increase financial success, decrease debt through strategic spending and easy to implement saving techniques, plus investments, entrepreneurship and more so we can all live the life of our dreams.

She has revealed financial success tips to her clients and followers via her website and You Tube channel. Timolin believes the wealth building message she teaches is universal and wants to share it with the world.

She closes all of her talks, blogs, and speaking engagements with these closing words: “Financial Success is not a gift; it is a habit!”

For more information, to get her book, visit Timolin Langin ‘s  website at www.NewFitWorldTV.com, like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TimolinRLangin/ and Twitter @Timmieteacher.

As a former producer, writer, and host of award winning cable shows, Timolin is planning to soon start streaming live.






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