Alligator, orange

*I still remember the “horse of a different color” scene in the 1939 Hollywood remake of The Wizard of Oz. 


Remember it?  That horse changed into several bright colors during that segment, and has prompted smiles for generations of movie lovers.

Well, THAT was a horse…in a movie.   I wouldn’t have been smiling at the sight of this:  a 4- to 5-foot orange alligator.

He or she — you can’t blame anyone for not wanting to get close enough to discern the beast’s gender! — turned heads earlier this week near a pond just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  Residents have begun joking that it should be called a “Trumpagator.”

An alligator biologist at the University of Florida, Kent A. Viiet, said the color is probably temporary and due to something in the animal’s environment.

“I have no doubt that animal is stained somehow,” Viiet said.  “He’s the color of rust.”

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