with white wife

*Tyrese must be feeling incredibly insecure about his choice of bride because he continues to go off on social medial about how his biracial wife is the supreme “Black Queen.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us on planet Earth are like, “How, Sway?”

If his wife is the supreme “Black Queen” then I’m a 1000-year-old Time Lord called The Doctor from the planet Galafrey. This is not debatable.

Meanwhile, Tyrese remains pressed about trying to convince folks that his white-ish wife is NOT white.

Newsflash Tyrese, no one really cares. We’re only talking about it because you are, so here goes…

If you follow the singer/actor on social media then you know just how much he enjoys taunting and trolling black women. Progressive black folks don’t subscribe to the racist and antiquated 1 drop rule, so we’re not here to crown his new wife as our new Black Miss America, and this is a problem for Tyrese — it seems.

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Tyrese's white-ish wife

Every since Tyrese went on social media to gush about his “black queen”after announcing he had secretly tied the knot with Samantha Schwalenberg on Valentine’s Day, he’s been busy “schooling” black woman on how to dress, how not to wear their hair and all the reasons why they’re still single.

Meanwhile, how many black girls you know named: “Schwalenberg”?

Per his usual anti-black woman rants, he went on and on about how “real men” can spot “fake” things on women, such as weaves and enhanced body parts. He would subsequently post a photo of his new bride in full make up and questionable eyelashes — many users claimed they’re fake, as well as her suspect Pert-n-go long hair. Again, who cares… but Tyrese started it, so many are playing right along with him.

Folks have been dragging Tyrese for his comments about women and they’re still clowning him for calling Schwalenberg a “Black Queen.” She’s allegedly a Jewish woman mixed with Black, Latin…some other stuff, and her father is Caucasian.

So what’s up with his obsession over her being labelled a “black queen”?

Who’s Tyrese trying to prove this to, himself or the masses?