*Singer/actress Janelle Monáe caused a firestorm when she posted a tweet that celebrated menstruation in honor of Women’s History Month.

After she sent out the phrase to her 789,000 followers: “Menstrual Period Blood,” Janelle was quickly met with reactions of horror and disgust.

She responded to the critics by pointing out that it’s “sad” that some people are more grossed out by periods than the current White House.

When one follower responded that periods are gross, she sparked a debate in which Janelle said she was period-shaming.

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Janelle’s original tweet was accompanied by: #WomensHistoryMonth and was liked over 600 times — but not everyone was feeling her bold reference to menstruation. Her argument: to make the point that periods are natural.

Responding to some of the backlash, Janelle took a jab at the Trump administration, tweeting: “It’s sad that there are prob folks more grossed out by and/or ashamed of menstrual period blood than they are the current administration.”

“Never forget girls & women birthed the human race and hold the power to unbirth it,” she added. “Y’all gone learn.”

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe

Several fans came to Janelle’s support, saying women shouldn’t feel shame about their periods.

After one woman named Tiara wrote, “Menstrual blood is gross tbh,” Janelle fired back: “Elaborate further? Tell the world why you think menstrual period is gross again Tiara?”

Janelle Monáe Janelle Monáe“Janelle Monae is reaching tbh,” Tiara replied, to which Janelle fired back: “Girl I feel the same about you.”

She added, “Your comments are contributing to “period shaming.” You are apart of the problem.”

This led Tiara to tweet back: “I’m not “period shaming”. I just don’t like bodily fluids. It doesn’t matter where the blood comes from.”

Janelle Monáe tweets

At this point, another Twitter came in to back Tiara, saying she was entitled to her opinion — but Janelle shot that down, explaining why such an opinion could be harmful.

Janelle Monáe tweets

Janelle Monáe tweets