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*Katherine Jackson’s nephew claims that her sudden vanishing act while alleging that she’s the victim of elder abuse is being masterminded by her son Jermaine, TMZ reports.

As it was previously reported, Katherine got a restraining order against Trent Jackson last month, claiming he was stealing cash and abusing her. She also alleges that he placed hidden cameras and microphones all over her home to monitor her every move. Not only has Jermaine stepped in to protect his mother, his sister Rebbie Jackson; attorneys; and several friends have all filed declarations supporting Katherine’s elder abuse claims against Trent.

In Trent’s new legal documents, his lawyer, Ron Rale, says they doubt Katherine even wrote the declaration, and they note how she says in the docs that she’s been in London and therefore missed a scheduled court hearing for the matter. But Trent finds her absence suspicious and believes there’s something far more sinister at work.

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In his declaration, Trent also points to a blow-up in 2012, when Katherine disappeared and went into “hiding” somewhere in Arizona. He claims Jermaine and some other siblings held her hostage, all in an effort to wrestle control away from Trent, who has been caring for Katherine since Michael Jackson died in 2009.

Trent and Rale believe Katherine is currently being robbed of freedom and her free will thanks to Jermaine, and it’s all about controlling the M.J. Estate. According to TMZ, Jermaine denies siding with Mom for financial gain.

Trent is asking the judge to force the issue and either dismiss the case or make Katherine appear in court. He believes if she shows she’ll support him.

Meanwhile, when and if this gets to court, Jermaine will be ready and willing to testify on Katherine’s behalf. #staytuned.