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*Mary J. Blige‘s personal nightmare named MartinKendu’ Isaacs is back to haunt her with a YUGE money request. Isaacs, Blige’s estranged husband, former manager and future ex-spouse, reportedly wants in excess of $100k per month for support.

Isaacs detailed his request in a court filing. Here’s what here’s looking for: $5,000 a month to support his parents, $4,971 for two children from a past relationship, $1,200 he pays on eating out and the $60,000 in rent he owes to several properties, $2,500 on auto expenses and transportation, $5,708 for a housekeeper and maintenance on his properties and another $1,723 on groceries.

On top of the preceding, Isaacs also asked a judge for “temporary spousal support,” saying that he “can’t get a job in entertainment” after his very split from the singer. He claims it’s because the entertainment industry is ‘cutthroat’ and his job search is much more of a ‘nuanced’ process than sending out his resume, according to the filing.

Mr. Isaacs also admitted that he did sign a pre-nup agreement two days before they got married, but he “didn’t understand” the document.

According to filed documents, his financial situation has ‘changed significantly in the last 12 months’ and while he and MJB were together, he handled all of her business decisions and acted as a manager with 10% commission.


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Kendu Isaacs has requested $110,000 a month in spousal support, a $95,000 contribution to his attorney’s fees and a $52,000 contribution to his forensic accounting fees.

He adds that he has been vilified in the press since the divorce was announced, which he blames partly on Blige for marketing her ‘divorce songs’ and her portrayal of him in interviews.

Isaacs claims to have kept quiet in the media, “out of respect for Ms Blige and our personal privacy.”

All along Isaacs has claimed to have had a “significant role” in growing Blige’s career, negotiating “practically every deal on behalf” of the songstress since their marriage.

“Although Ms Blige was a recording artist before we married, her income significantly increased during the marriage as I was her personal manager,” Isaacs states in his court documents.

However, the record shows the nine-time Grammy Award-winner had released six studio albums before the couple got married.

In 2016, Mary J. Blige filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The marriage lasted nearly 13 years.

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