Lira Galore

Lira Galore (TMZ)

*Lira Galore has filed a police report in an attempt to go after those responsible for leaking an old sex tape of her online.

According to TMZ, the Instagram model and former fiancé of rapper Rick Ross says she and her manager were randomly texted the video first, and that the footage is “old.” The “ex-boyfriend” in the video is obviously not Ross, and Lira denied that he is NBA player Lance Stephenson.

Her goal now is to go after those responsible for releasing the footage, as well as the bloggers who passed it along.

“I filed my police report today, and we have our lawyers on top of it,” Lira told TMZ in a video posted this morning. “We already have information. Like from the number we traced the names. We already know who you are.”

As for going after the bloggers who posted the footage, Lira says: “It was posted without my consent. Yall didn’t come to me about it first, yall didn’t ask me about it, and also, it’s not credible.”

Watch Lira’s entire interview below: