*I take this sh*t personal. Why do some people have to make things bad for everyone?

There is no doubt that the ride-share industry has changed the paradigm of public transportation.

Along with that, a LOT of people now have been given the opportunity to make extra money or even change jobs and take it on full time.

No longer do we have to choose enslavement to the outrageous fares of the taxi industry (who by the way are not even trying to be wise competitors by adjusting their high prices).

Not only can we now actually enjoy our ride in generally nice, clean cars; we can also usually have pleasant conversations with the drivers while doing so, if we choose. Which is why it pisses the phuck out of me to witness evil people taking advantage of the industry and encouraging suspicion But as crooks will have it, there is always going to be a door for them to enter through.

According to a recent news report said to be gathered from New Orleans police, two women posing as Uber drivers — in the same car — picked some dude up in the early morning hours on Bourbon Street on Saturday. One of the women allegedly pulled a gun on the 22-year-old passenger and relieved him of his debit card and cellphone. At some point the passenger was able to escape from the car and the women sped off.

Now this is where the story goes south, if you will, and you can’t feel totally sorry for this man.

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