*A certain Ghanaian soccer player just suffered one of the biggest “oops” moments of all time. We’re referring to Mohammed Anas made a super serious boo-boo for all the world, including his girlfriend and … his WIFE, to see.

We guess the thrill of victory was too much for Mohammed to handle. It’s not going to save his hide from his wife, but at least he can use it as an excuse. The faux Paus happened in the wake of Anas’ stunning performance that helped his team earn a 2-2 draw for which he was awarded the Man of the Match award for the game’s best player.

Unfortunately during his postgame interview, he got a little too excited and thanked his wife and girlfriend for inspiring him. Uh oh. Po’ thang. He knew he just effed up BIG and tried to correct his mistake, but it was TOO LATE. 🙁

“Firstly I appreciate my fans,” he began. “(And) my wife and my girlfriend.”

“Oh sh*t!,” a voice in his head probably told him. At that point, Anas tried to clean it up by saying he intended to thank his wife.

“I’m so sorry, my wife!” he exclaimed. “I love you so much from my heart.”

“Thanks for supporting me there is more to come,” he stuttered before the interview came to an end.

We can only wonder if he even bothered going home after the incident.