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Pittman’s Popcorn Shop is Offering Licensing Agreements

*Pittman’s Popcorn Shop is now offering licensing agreements to individuals or companies that are interested in owning their own gourmet popcorn store.

“The gourmet popcorn industry is poised to become a $10 billion dollar industry by 2018,” says Michael Pittman, founder of Pittman’s Popcorn Shop.

“We feel we have perfected a process that now allows us to offer training, equipment purchasing, consulting, assistance with site selection and design, market analysis, financing referrals, supplier referrals and access to the hundreds of gourmet recipes.”

popcorn sizesHe adds, “Our proven techniques will allow start-ups to hit the ground running. Additionally, this also allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to grown their own business and brand through wholesale and retail sales, fundraising sales and in store purchases.”

Interested parties can contact Michael Pittman at (217) 717-1114 or email to [email protected].

For more information about Pittman’s Popcorn Shop and/or to place an order, visit www.pittmanspopcornshop.com. (Orders can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.)

We make over 70 delicious flavors right here in our kitchen in Springfield, IL. From traditional flavors like Caramel and Cheddar to our own creations like Lincoln Land Mix and Extra Windy City, our popcorn is fresh, tasty and healthy.

All of our popcorn are made using the finest ingredients which makes the best tasting popcorn. We offer popcorn gift sets that include a variety of popcorn tins. We also take orders for any special occasion including, school events, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, showers, and other religious occasions.
We accept phone orders and can ship nationwide.

If you have an idea of a popcorn flavor that you do not see in our shop, let us know and we will try to make it for you.

Our bag sizes are as follows:

  • Mini = 3 Cups
  • Junior = 6 Cups
  • Small = 9 Cups
  • Medium = 26 Cups
  • Large = 42 Cups
  • X-Large = 110 Cups
  • Party Size = 275 Cups
    Available Butter & Low Salt Only






Michael Pittman
[email protected]