*Sylvia Cressy’s ordinary trip to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans turned into a nightmare after one of the captive female gorillas threw a piece of wood at her head.

The gorilla named Praline, and a pregnant Cressy described her life-threatening ordeal to local media.

via NYDN:

“When it hit me, I kind of blanked out,” Cressy told TV station WWL. “It really took the wind out of me and I fell on my belly. As I regained consciousness, I was just worried about my baby.”

Cressy, who is six month pregnant, said she fell on her stomach and spent hours being treated at two hospitals. 

Peep the story via the video above.

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The zoo said in a statement that Cressy “was harmed unintentionally by an enrichment item” filled with treats for the gorilla. “Enrichment” items are designed to provide animals at the zoo with opportunities to “express natural, species-appropriate behaviors.”

“As the safety of our guests and employees is our utmost concern, Audubon Zoo’s First Responders immediately attended to our guest for care and assistance,” the statement read. “We have been in contact with our guest and are assisting her with her medical care.”

However, Cressy claims that the zoo could have done more to help her following the accident.

“They did a report, they did my vitals, they didn’t offer to take me to the hospital or anything, they just told me where the nearest hospital was,” Cressy told WWL.

Cressy’s family denies zoo official’s claims that they did offer to call an ambulance. The incident remains under investigation. 

“We are examining everything that happened,” Vice President of Marketing Chimene Grant told the station. “We’re speaking with guests, with staff, with volunteers and we will address any concerns.”

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