*One of Rena Scott‘s favorite songs and recordings, the soulful ballad “A Love Thang,” has been released worldwide as a soulful dance song.

Yes, “A Love Thang,” written by Scott and Lloyd Tolbert, was soulfully remixed at TheRoomRecordings in Holland.

As a ballad, “A Love Thang” received a Grammy nomination in 2005 in the Urban Adult Contemporary category. It’s 2017 and Scott has reimagined the song as a jammin’ dance track. These days she is pushing her legacy and music forward with her experiences toward the young and the gifted singers, writers and producers.

With her release of “A Love Thang,” Rena also reaches out to her fans in Europe, the USA of course, and round the world. in fact, Scott performs with several new young and established artists, producers creating the musical bridge towards the future.

Scott and Tolbert worked together in writing and creating. Two of the best, with their love for music and experience, it is their magic of the soul you hear back on her tracks. The Grammy Nominated Scott has an amazing voice and is a great known performer in the US entertainment industry.

Rena Scott has been performing throughout the US and Europe performing with and alongside iconic R&B and jazz acts such as the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, the Four Tops, Michael Henderson and the Jazz Crusaders among others.

Lloyd Tolbert is a well-known producer, co-producer and arranger for such artists as:  Diana Ross, Lionel Richie,  El de Barge, Cheryl Lynn, Rena Scott, Brownstone, TLC and Dee Harvey to name a few. He also did the digital editing for Norman Brown’s cover of the Stevie Wonder hit, “Too High.” He was the computer technician on a Stanley Clark project of Stanley Clark.


rena scott - a love thang v3

Track: A Love Thang (BM Soulful Remix)  
Remixer: BM 
Label: TheRoomRecordings
Style: Soulful House
Sources mix: Driza Bone, Steve Silk Hurley


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