We're so boring.

We’re so boring.

*Looking at these rather creative ways of sending loved ones “home” may help you to forget how sad it is that they’re gone. Sure, it’ll hit you later, but for now…not so much.

People in other parts of the world obviously don’t look at funerals the way we do here in the states. ‘Nuff said. Take a look for yourself.

Don’t worry, its more “interesting” than gross.

Uncle Drew is buried WHERE???

Funerals, tree trunk

The Caviteño people reside near Manila. They bury their dead in a hollowed-out tree trunk, which is selected a while before the person’s death.

We made chicken last night right? So what’s THAT smell?

Funerals, kitchen burial

…Could be anybody. 

The Apayo, who live in the north Philippines, bury their dead under the kitchen.

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