*The current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” still has several episodes to go, but folks are already looking ahead to what’s going to be an explosive reunion show.

Yep, the drama and heat will reportedly be turned up to epic proportions, so we hear, due to what came out of Todd Tucker‘s mouth about Porsha Williams and Apollo Nida.

To quote the orange man in the White House, the reunion show ends with a YUGE bang after Tucker makes his claim that Porsha slept with Phaedra Parks’ then-husband before he turned himself in to start serving a long prison sentence.

In fact, the season-ending reunion show was so crazy that reunion show host and series creator Andy Cohen took to social media to shake his head, so to speak.

Now of course folks are wondering how this news will affect the budding relationship of Phaedra and Porsha. Can you say “in the toilet?”

In the meantime, there’s the on-going and nasty feud between Williams and her former buddy, Kandi Burress over rumors, comments and accusations regarding from each one about the other’s sexuality.

“It’s just been boilin’ my blood,” Burruss recently told Bravo of rumors Williams has been openly spreading about her and husband Tucker once trying to drug her to have sex with her. “Because if she’s out there telling people this mess, that could ruin my life. So, I have to let people know.”

In a recent interview, Burruss admitted she and Williams once shared a late-night kiss or two in the middle of a dance floor. She went on to say it was followed by Williams letting her know she wanted to take it next level.

kandi-burruss & porsha-williams

After that bit of mind-blowing news, Williams’ claimed that Burruss had been in a long-term relationship with another woman and even had a sex dungeon at her home that she and Tucker planned to take her and mutual friend Shamea Morton to for some orgy action after drugging the two.

“That really bothered me because I’ve been in the music industry since I was a kid and people get into the whole drug and drinking thing,” Burruss said of Williams’ allegations. “I was always determined that was not going to be me, so I take offense.”

Burruss has threatened to sue Williams and has also chastised her over and over for being saying whatever comes to her mind.

“You not even thinking about the fact that I got kids,” she said. “Don’t try to ruin my life, ruin my business — that type of accusation can sit with you for life.”

So then WHY DON’T YOU SUE HER, Kandi? Are you sure you’re as innocent as you claim? Hmmm.

In any event, we’re watching the reunion show no matter what. What say you?

h/t: inquisitr