*Think all men are cheaters? Believe men are not sensitive? Think all a man wants is your ‘sugar’?

According to some men, the answers to these questions should be an emphatic “NO!”

It’s easy to misunderstand a person’s intentions or misjudge their actions, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Bad relationships,  or friendships that didn’t end well have made many women skeptical, and as a result we may judge…even worse, misjudge, all men based on the actions of some.

Many men take issue with this and have stepped up to address what they call stereotypes. I do admit, some of their comments may surprise you.

Guys really don’t care nearly as much about our body “flaws” as women think we do…stretch marks and such…not a guy gives a damn. We’re just happy a gorgeous girl voluntarily took her clothes off. 

body image

Girls just assume I want them to grab what’s in my pants but really I just want someone to hold my hand.

Paul Rudd was definitely NOT expecting this from Rosario Dawson

Paul Rudd was definitely NOT expecting this from Rosario Dawson

Women think there is something wrong because I’m 34, never married with no kids. I’ve always put my career first, now its time to share, enjoy life with someone else.

lonesome man

Dear Women, when I sext with you I am acting out fantasies.I wouldn’t actually DO everything I SAY in real life. Don’t assume I’ll be amazing in bed if we meet.


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