*American treasure Sidney Poitier turned 90 on Feb. 20 and invited The Hollywood Reporter to his private party at Beverly Hills’ Spago, where four generations of his family posed for a photo.

“He’s one of the most eloquent curse-word users,” Poitier’s godson Mike Jordan said of the legend, who was joined by his wife, his ex-wife and a total of 27 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and godchildren, as well as a few close friends who are like family.

Adds grandson Etienne Gouraige, “He knows how to make a room explode.”

Via THR: Born on a tomato farm in the Bahamas, Poitier ended up in New York by way of Miami and in 1964 became the first black winner of the best actor Oscar (for Lilies of the Field). He supported the dreams of other family members to pursue careers in the arts; after a trip with Poitier to Walt Disney Animation Studios, Gouraige made the decision to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design (along with his sister Gabrielle). Says Joanna, Poitier’s wife of more than 40 years, “He is the most wonderful, generous, kind, honest man with the most integrity that I’ve ever known in my life.”

1. Etienne Gouraige, 21; Sidney Poitier’s grandson, student

2. Gina Poitier-Gouraige, 55; daughter, administrative assistant

3. Leandro DiMonriva, 39; son-in-law, writer-producer

4. Guylaine Gouraige, 22; granddaughter, student

5. Gabrielle Gouraige, 18; granddaughter, student

6. Jacinta Howard Jordan; wife of Mike Jordan, editor

7. Mike Jordan; godson, editor-writer

8. Julia Burnside; cousin, retired

9. Sherrie Burgess Brooks, chief of staff to Sidney Poitier

10. Pamela Poitier, 62; daughter, actor/teacher

11. Dorian Heartsong; son-in-law, musician

12. Sydney Ayele LaBarrie, 11, great-granddaughter

13. Aisha LaBarrie, 40; granddaughter, owner of LaBarrie Littles, a kids’ clothing embroidery company

14. Beverly Poitier-Henderson; daughter, designer of Poitier Henderson Jewelry

15. Sherri Poitier; daughter, chef

16. Constance Jordan Wilson, Ph.D.; goddaughter, retired

17. Alison Brooks; friend, fashion stylist

18. Jennifer Brice; friend, United Airlines international service manager

19. Juanita Marie Hardy Poitier, 86; first wife

20. Vanesta L. Poitier, 64; niece, therapist

21. Anika Poitier; daughter, filmmaker

22. On Anika’s lap: March, grandson

23. Kai LaBarrie, 9; great-granddaughter

24. Joanna Poitier, 73; wife, interior designer

25. On Joanna’s lap: Paloma, granddaughter

26. On Joanna’s lap: Diarra LaBarrie, 6; great-granddaughter

27. Sidney Poitier

28. Sydney Poitier-Heartsong, 33; daughter, actor

29. On Sydney’s lap: Sunny Plum, granddaughter

30. Sienna Sky Jordan, Mike Jordan’s daughter