*Suge Jacob Knight Jr. guested on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and talked all about Suge Knight‘s trial, civil rights, career and more!

Suge Jr. says without Suge Sr. there would be no Tupac, Snoop or Dre.

“Honestly, it’s no disrespect for them but you know there wouldn’t obviously be no Tupac, obviously no Snoop. If we went further there probably wouldn’t be Dre Beats.”

Suge Jr. believes they will be able to bail out Suge Knight

“I have had a couple great successful meetings with some people that have been supportive of it. Doing the numbers it would be a good chance to get him out.”

Suge Jr. thinks this it a civil rights case

“This is more than a Suge Knight case. This is actually more of a civil rights case.”

Why Suge Jr. believes his dad’s trial keeps getting postponed

“Well, you know, they don’t have no hard evidence of my dad being..to be convicted. The only evidence is him being…it having to be a self-defense case. And Two, the more that they lengthen the trial out, the more you notice that the charges are dropping”

Evidence in favor of Suge:
“After the car was gone you see that, on the video it’s clear that someone else picked up the gun…I was told they even found $20,000 that belonged to this person. To the victim. Which makes you question why a security guard would have $20,000 on them?”

The Reason Suge Jr. is making a movie about his dad

When asked about the movie he mentioned he is working on about his father:
“Correct. Not to much, I can’t go into further detail about it because we’re still writing and working on paperwork. I have to get the letter of intent from this movie to my father…I want to sit down with these people first and see if they have good intentions for my father. I kind of want to see how the script is being written. I want to see how he is being portrayed. Just like I did “All Eyez On Me.” I know it’s about Pac, but a lot of these films, they feature my father. The way they portray him is not the correct way.”

Suge Jr. doesn’t think his dad has ever been accurately depicted

When asked if any film has portrayed his father accurately: “None, none that came out.”

Suge Jr. was threatened after Straight Outta Compton

“I didn’t see the movie [Straight Outta Compton], um, the movie actually gave me a lot of hardships, like, you know, with my family, as in like, you know, threats. Um, I was going to Fisk University at the time in Nashville, Tennessee and I had a couple threats. I actually had uh encounterments with a couple students, and obviously, the school even reached out to me for uh, you know, to say that they’re there for me, but at the same time that, uh, I always to um come back to um, come back to um, Los Angeles to come back to my family, because it just wasn’t safe for me.”

Suge couldn’t support his son through college

“Right now, I had to go back out of school, when the bail was set to 25 million unfortunately, it put my family into a hardship that I couldn’t afford all my school all the way.”

You’ll never guess how Suge found his lawyer

“It may sound kind of ridiculous, but it’s actually true. While he [Suge Knight] is walking through the courts when he’s going through his trials and if he sees a lawyer that is nearby or walking down in the hallway he’ll be like ‘hey, I need a case I need somebody to work on my case if you’re interested give me a call here’s my number,’ and that’s actually happened quite a few times.”

When asked if that’s how he found his current lawyer:
“Yes, crazy, but yes.”