Angelina Jolie-spiders

*A ‘difficult’ split from Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to have dampened Angelina Jolie’s sense of adventure. Recently she was captured in Cambodia with her children enjoying the delicacies of outdoor life by way of insects.

Yes. She actually gave her children lessons in the fine art of frying and then eating spiders and scorpions. If that has your mouth agape, listen to this: They seemed to really enjoy the taste.

You see, at the opening of the clip, Angelina saying to the children (as she holds a big tarantula, “You see the hard part where you have the teeth? Take the fangs out. Have you done this before?

Eeee U! We see the legs of the dead thing up close as Jolie tears it apart…and EATS IT!!!

THIS is one video, dear friends, you must see for yourself! Head on over to EURThisNthat.