t.i. at gas station

*Sometimes being a high profile celeb just ain’t no fun ’cause on some days you have to put it with crap an average Joe doesn’t have to deal with.

We bet if you ask rapper/actor T.I. you’ll get an agreement on that sentiment. It was just a day or two or so that he had to deal with such a situation.

Yes T.I. is known worldwide, but he’s still has to do stuff like everybody else, like go to the gas station and fill up his ride. It was at a BP station in the ATL when things got crazy due to an overzealous fan cornering the entertainer to take a selfie with him.

Things initially were working out, as you see in first video below, you but then Tip tells dude that he’s taking too many selfies and is invading his personal space.

“How many goddamn selfies you gonna take? You a grown ass man…” Tip tells the man as he continues to keep shooting pics.

In the second video, T.I. is clearly frustrated as the guy continues to talk to T.I. long after he gets his selfies.

“I ain’t playing no games n*gga, I’m kicking some real n*gga sh*t. You standing all close to me, leaning on my truck and sh*t,” says an angry Tip. “You getting way too close and I don’t know you like that.”

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In the third video, hilarity ensues as T.I. argues with the dude who walks away feeling rejected while his friend is yelling at Tip about his attitude. Meanwhile, a female patron steps up and tells T.I. that she will be his security guard while he’s pumping his gas.

This #Man @Troubleman31 took #pics and this #dude talking shit.. #Tip #handled himself well. I got his back!?????♚#hoodchronicles

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Later she takes a snap of T.I. posing with her daughter. Meanwhile, the look on T.I.’s face is absolutely priceless. All he wants to is leave the scene.

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Fortunately the situation between T.I. and the (“real n*ggas in hood”) ended well and now they can all stop and reflect about the incident and have a good laugh. We know we will. 🙂