vince & tamar

*Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert have been making press rounds and addressing rumors about his infidelity and his weight loss.

Herbert has slimmed down quite a bit in the last year — losing nearly 100 pounds, going from over 300 down to 230 pounds, following weight loss surgery.

The music producer has revealed that not only has he changed his diet “completely,” but he’s also managed to get his health in check following major medical issues due to being obese. Herbert is proud that he can now buy clothes off of the rack.

“I can go into Neiman Marcus and buy a pair of jeans,” Herbert said while on The Wendy Williams show recently.

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tamar & vince

His wife also admits to PEOPLE that Vince’s weight loss journey has been quite a big transformation for the both of them.

“I like a little ‘thickems.’ I like the oohoo!” Braxton said, making the signature Pillsbury Doughboy noise. “I like that. I’m very happy only because he’s much healthier and I want him around forever, but, you know, I like a little meat on my man’s bones.”

Herbert’s weight loss was necessary due to consistent complications with his health.

“He had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight,” a source told Daily Mail. “His size has caused him to have numerous health challenges.”

Braxton also shared with PEOPLE the role she played in her hubby’s weight-loss journey.

“I had to be very supportive of him, ” she said, “he had a couple of surgeries — not like really cosmetic surgeries, but like medical surgeries to help him to lose weight because he had medical problems due to the weight.”

As Madame Noire notes, when asked if she felt like she was in a relationship with a totally different person, Braxton could only laugh and say: “I do! Lots of energy.”