*Tiffany Whyte, the chick who claimed to have DNA proof that she’s the secret love child of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge can sit her arse down and think of somebody else to claim as her parents.

That’s because, according to RadarOnline.com, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on and drama can end right here and now. You see,  the site conducted a secret DNA test with Whyte and the results are in.

Additionally, whatever  positive claims made by DeBarge’s mother, Etterlene, who said she and Whyte previously took their own “secret DNA test,” Radar Online’s test results prove without a doubt that James DeBarge is actually not Whyte’s daddy.

And yes, that means Janet can’t be the mother. Big surprise, right?


The Radar Online report stated that there is “literally ZERO chance of paternity between James and Whyte.”

Unfortunately this bit of news doesn’t put an to the rampant speculation that Janet had a James’ child secretly. DeBarge told Conrad Murray – Michael Jackson’s notorious”death doctor” – in a 2012 prison letter that he had a love child with the Miss Jackson and the heir is still out there somewhere in the world.

DeBarge said he’s not giving up until he finds his child he claims to have had with Janet.

“I was a young boy who loved a girl tremendously and things happened how they did,” he said. “Janet and I were real close, but I guess not as close as I thought.”

Here’s what we reported earlier …


janet jackson & tiffany whyte

When we heard the rumors of Janet Jackson having a secret child (a daughter) back in the 80s, we kind of, in our imagination, pictured a little cutie pie with features of Janet and James DeBarge and skin tone kinda in the middle of both. Yep, that’s what our mind told us.

Well, imagine to shock to our brain after seeing the pic (below) of a Philadelphia area woman, Tiffany Whyte, who claiming to be the secret child of Jackson and DeBarge, who were married briefly in the 80s. To be perfectly honest our brain’s first thought was “What?! Janet and James’ daughter? Oh, hell no!” Yep, that was our immediate reaction. So far it hasn’t changed. OK, so just what is this woman’s story.

According to RadarOnline, Whyte, 31, says she has DNA evidence that proves she’s Janet Jackson’s daughter. Even DeBarge, 53, claimed that he had a love child with Jackson, confessing recently after his now 27-year-old daughter, Kristinia Jamie, questioned him about the rumors. DeBarge revealed in a Growing Up Hip Hop video clip that he was tired of keeping the secret.

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