*The Underground Railroad thriller is back!

Season two of WGNs Underground starts March 8 and in anticipation of the provocative and compelling series, EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas sat down with the cast and learned which episodes will have you gasping and gripping.

Aldis Hodge in a scene from WGNs 'Underground'

Aldis Hodge in a scene from WGNs ‘Underground’

EUR: What has been the hardest scene to film?

Aldis Hodge: Epsiode 10 is a monster and there are some scenes in episodes seven and eight, where I was like, ‘Oh My God!’ The hardest scene from season one was the whipping shed when Tom Macon and Bill Meekes are coming at me with a poker.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell: In season two, episode three is like, ‘Oh My God!’ It was an endurance test for me. There are several episodes this season that are intense. From season one, in the first episode, when Rosalie had to take lashings from her brother was an out of this world experience.

Scene from WGNs 'Underground'

Scene from WGNs ‘Underground’

EUR: What was the most awakening thing you learned when researching this role?

Aldis Hodge: His fight. His constant effort for survival reminds me of my mother because no matter what she has been through, she always fought. Noah is willing to keep fighting in spite of it seeming like there will never be progress.

Aisha Hinds: Here was a woman who wasn’t able to read, get a formal education or study astrology but she is able to read the stars to track direction. She didn’t study botany but she is able to observe plants and create medicines.

Jasika Nicole: The privileges that exist with skin color among people of color aren’t really discussed in entertainment. People feel the repercussions of them in regular life but we don’t put a name to it or talk about it. The show does a great job of introducing the dialogue to talk about what that means. Or when you are a member of a community but you don’t necessarily look like you are, or people don’t identify you as that. “Underground” talks about what these things mean and how people might identify themselves.