Hi, when I grown up I'm gonna change my name to BRUNO MARS!

Hi, when I grown up I’m gonna change my name to BRUNO MARS!

*I must admit, I have always had a problem with people who change their birth name.

I mean, that’s your whole identity. I’ve always thought maybe these folks were going through some kind of identity crisis.

How does a name like “Shelton Jackson” become Spike Lee… Or “Steveland Morris” become Stevie Wonder… Or someone once known as Eileen Regina Edwards is now called Shania Twain?

These are not just “revisions” to an existing name like Kevin becomes Kevyn…They are totally NEW names.

But I guess if I am going to be OK with anyone doing it (not that these folks have one f**k to give whether I do or not) it does sit better with me if you’re a celebrity. Hey, in this case, your name is your brand, so it should have a good ring to it right?

Let’s be real, would we have given “Peter Gene Hernandez” a good listen had he not been introduced to us as Bruno Mars?


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