Sean Spicer at an Apple Store

Sean Spicer at an Apple Store

*An Indian-American woman happened to cross paths with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at an Apple store on Saturday (March 11) and did not let the “enormous opportunity” go to waste.

The woman, Shree, whipped out her phone and began filming herself asking Trump’s mouthpiece if he is a criminal, and telling him that he “works for a fascist.”

Watch below:

The following day, Shree took to @Meduim to break down what happened.

“Very early on, I knew that Donald J. Trump was dangerous for America and had fascist tendencies. His views on people of color, immigrants and Muslims are abhorrent. His actions against women are despicable. His willful disregard for our Constitutional rights is well, fascist,” she wrote. “I was devastated by the election but I have channeled my anxiety, sadness, and anger into action.”

She continued: “I thought it was high time I get my screen fixed and after booking an appointment, I looked up to see Sean Spicer. I Googled him to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.”

Shree wrote that it was an “enormous opportunity” to ambush Spicer, but admitted that she was “quite nervous and wanted to come up with more cogent questions but did not have time to do so.”

Spicer told Shree that it’s “such a great country that allows you to be here.”

“That is racism and it is an implied threat. Think about the sheer audacity of Mr. Spicer to say that to my face with a smile, knowing that he that he is being recorded on video and the position of power he holds in our government,” she wrote. “I am still stunned by the boldness of having my citizenship threatened on camera.”

She continued: “It’s one thing to have a Twitter egg say you do not belong in America, it is quite another to have the Press Secretary of the United States of America do so.”

Click the link in her tweet below for the entire explanation: