talks weight loss

*Fans of legendary R&B singer Freddie Jackson know that for years, his personal life, health and especially his sexuality have been a constant source of rumors and speculation. So much so that in recent years, Freddie stayed out of the public spotlight for a while, only to resurface looking drastically slimmer.

Jackson, 60, has dropped a significant amount of weight over the years, and naturally, this caused many of his loyalists to be concerned about his health. Almost immediately, many fans attributed his dramatic weight loss to HIV/AIDS and/or cancer.

The once plump crooner reportedly dropped 107 pounds, and in a 2015 interview with WBLS, Freddie addressed the rumors to shut down the talk about his health.

So why did he lose so much weight?

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talks weight loss

According to Jackson, he lost 107 pounds because he was concerned about his health after getting a weight-related health scare from his doctor some years ago, ILOSM reports.

He also said that as he aged, he realized that he needed to take better control of his health. So he started making better food choices and living a healthier lifestyle, which ultimately allowed him to lose weight and keep it off.

Check out what else he said in the video interview below (he talks about his weight at 7:10 mark):

Also, be on the lookout for Freddie’s his new album, “Love Signals,” and his newest single, “One Night.”

Jackson recently spoke to Parlé Magazine about his new album and single, peep the excerpts below:

Parlé Mag: Tell me about this particular composition? How did it actually come to fruition?

Freddie Jackson: Well, this song was written by Barry Eastmond. I sat down with Barry and told him that I wanted a classic R&B soul album. I wanted this album to be enriched with soul, giving you that Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding feel. I wanted this song to have that old jukebox feel, and this song is definitely a song that could be played in any jukebox.

Parlé Mag: “One Night” comes courtesy of your upcoming solo set, Love Signals. Conceptually, what does that title represent both to and for you? Originally it was slated to be called ‘Finer with Time’, correct?

Freddie Jackson: Well, the name Love Signals is a life message for the world. The world needs to send more love signals, As a people, we have to connect and identify with each other. We don’t need to type or text the word love; we need to actually say it to each other. The word love is a sign of peace, and we need to send peace signs all over the world.

Parlé Mag: How then does Love Signals either differ and/or compare to previous Freddie Jackson efforts?

Freddie Jackson: Well on this album I got a chance to get into the romance, to get a chance to expose myself to songs like “Find My Way.” I was able to become comfortable with myself, my music and my direction in life. I truly believe that I found my way in this.

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