Travis Scott and Lyor Cohen

Travis Scott and Lyor Cohen

*Travis Scott is being sued for breach of contract by his former manager and longtime music industry baller, Lyor Cohen.

According to TMZ, Travis signed a three-year contract with Lyor’s LCAR Management company in October 2014, entitling the company to 15 percent of everything Travis makes in entertainment.

The lawsuit claims LCAR should have made about $2 million by now, but instead only earned $3,700. Cohen’s company has been trying to collect since 2015, the lawsuit states, but all they’ve gotten is a letter from Scott’s attorney saying the LCAR’s services are no longer needed.

LCAR is suing to get full accounting of Travis’ earnings—as well as what they’re owed.

According to TMZ, sources say Travis signed the deal in good faith, believing Cohen’s company would handle his career well. But apparently the rapper felt LCAR wasn’t fulfilling its obligations, and he ended up replacing them with a new team that he felt was doing a better job.

Those same sources say it’s ridiculous that Cohen, now Global Head of Music at YouTube, would file such a frivolous lawsuit.