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Author Elease Wiggins Pens a Farewell to Welfare

*In the wake of federal budget cuts that would largely reduce funds available to pivotal social programs utilized by vulnerable citizens–author and Professor of Sociology at Bergen County Community College, Elease Wiggins debuts a progressive new program entitled, “The Farewell to Welfare Method.”

Based on her largely successful debut book, “A Farewell to Welfare: 25 Strategies to Freedom, Independence and Prosperity,” based on her real life story of triumph over adversity, the program provides proven techniques for attaining financial independence, purpose and lifelong success.

At the forefront of championing new pathways to success especially for women on public assistance, Wiggins provides 25 strategies that mitigate doubt and powerlessness.

In her new course, the mother of 2 and former welfare recipient uses her inspiring story to highlight the possibilities that await people who decide to transition away from public assistance. When properly applied her results-driven techniques and anecdotal wisdom create a truly “unique user experience”– that culminate to game changing results.

I admit, my college degrees are largely responsible for where and who I am today, However, I must say there were lessons I learned in life that college did teach me. For example, college did not teach me that temporary defeat is not failure or that fear exists in your mind. So, here I am, sharing proven strategies with you that I use in my own life to achieve my goals. Ready, Set, Grow!”–Elease Wiggins

Adjunct Sociology Professor, Elease Wiggins, promises that if you properly apply her method, you can replace feeling powerless with a new sense of purpose and the motivation you need to realize your potential. Elease speaks directly to you—as the valuable and talented person you are. The Farewell to Welfare Method, with its revolutionary personalized system of planning and motivational techniques, leads to game changing results. Elease provides detailed guidance for determining which of your natural talents and gifts can be the foundation of your new financially successful life. Her approach will help you clear away the doubts and distress and create a life you’ve dreamed about. Elease’s own story of success shows you the possibilities for your future.






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