Baron Jay Foundation Billboard Posters

*Baron Jay Littleton Jr., Founder and CEO of Baron Jay Foundation (BJF) is no stranger to the inapt default mode of an underserved school system. Detroit-born to teenage parents in the 1970s were far from ideal.

However, the circumstance served to ignite a burning passion in him for the plight of the underprivileged. BJF currently has billboards on display in the Los Angeles area to promote and inform the public of their many wonderful achievements working with students.

Recently, Baron Jay submitted a video to Chance the Rapper in association with Chicago Beyond for the second annual “Go Innovate” challenge. Founded by Liz Dozier, Chicago Beyond is a non-profit organization geared to disrupt the cycles that prevent many Chicago children from realizing their potential. Winners of the contest can receive up to two million dollars to develop their ideas. Comedy Rapper Kirk Sells walked across the state of Illinois to bring awareness to Chicago Beyond and the “Go Innovate” challenge. His adventure was followed on Facebook under the name White Chedda. Hopefully, the star power of both rappers will draw a lot of attention to the cause.

BJF recently produced a sitcom titled Mi Casa My House starring Chicago native Michael Colyar. The show is best described in the style of a contemporary-family-meets-George-Jefferson. The show provided internships and job shadowing for students on the set and in various administrative departments. Sponsors included Wells Fargo, California Endowment, One West Bank, Mechanics Bank, L.A. CARE and LAUSD Arts Branch, as well as individual donors. During the 2006 to 2008 school years, BJF and Unparalleled Solutions based in Chicago documented a school tour. Watch it here:

Baron Jay recently spoke with Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, who agreed to set up a Lunch and Learn with the students at Netflix corporate office. BJF is a 501(c) (3) federally tax exempt non-profit organization that is committed to promoting health awareness, relationship guidance, employment preparedness, and financial literacy in underserved communities by hosting workshops and programs for at-risk youth. Their mission is to prep youth to be responsible, civic-minded, respectful, and productive citizens. For more information please visit the website at:

Fun fact about Baron Jay: He is often mistaken for Chicago native Kanye West. Last month at the Black Business Association Music Month Celebration in Los Angeles, music legend Quincy Jones said, “You know, Kanye looks like you, or you look like him!”

Baron Jay Littleton

Congratulations on Baron Jay’s marriage to Tamani. The mass ceremony was televised on The Price is Right game show and was performed by host Drew Carey. The marriage is off to a good start as the couple won an entire showcase. Here’s the video: