Chloe Goins

Chloe Goins

*Chloe Goins, one of many women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, is herself accused of two felonies following an arrest Sunday in San Diego.

According to TMZ, the San Diego County District Attorney hit the former Playboy Playmate with possession of a controlled substance in prison and bringing alcohol into a prison, after cops found her sitting in her car just before midnight in the parking lot of the George F. Bailey Detention Facility.

Neither the controlled substance in question, nor the reason for her presence at the detention facility was disclosed. She was taken into custody without incident and remains in jail with bail set at $25,000, according to TMZ.

Chloe’s attorney tells the website: “Our primary concern at this time is for Ms. Goins’ well-being, not media or press attention. I’d like to remind the public that an arrest is not a conviction, nor is it evidence or admission of guilt.”

Goins, 26, claims Cosby drugged her drink when she attended a party at the Playboy Mansion sometime in 2008 and then sexually abused her in a bedroom.

Her complaint says she’s not sure the exact date of the incident, so it’s unclear if she was 18 or a minor at the time. She does claim she blacked out on the night in question and later woke up naked in a bedroom with Cosby licking her toes. She claims Cosby then pulled up his pants and left the room.