Venus Williams (TMZ Sports)

Venus Williams (TMZ Sports)

*In new bodycam footage from Venus Williams’ June 9 car accident that led to the death of Jerome Barson, a police officer is shown telling the tennis star moments after the collision that she as “at fault.”

In the video obtained by TMZ Sports, the officer on scene appears to have already interviewed witnesses and is now sharing information with fellow officers, saying of Williams, “I will find her at fault.”

He then approaches Venus’ SUV, where she is sitting behind the wheel, and explains that from the time she entered the intersection and stopped — for opposing traffic — the light changed, “and he had a green light, so you kind of violated his right of way.”

However, shortly afterward the officer says, “I don’t feel comfortable citing [Venus] for it.”

TMZ notes that the bodycam footage “appears to be edited in places. The source that provided the video says that was done to avoid showing any injuries to people involved in the accident.”

Watch below: