Your new favorite web series is on the net right now!

Issa Rae and Jussie Smollett have teamed up to produce the webseries, “Giants,” which stars the creator James Bland. EURweb was front row and center during the latest table read for episode 204 and let’s just say, we fell in love.

The casts’ vibes was the initial selling point. Everyone was all smiles and eager to share their work. Eager to entertain us with a newfound masterpiece. Then the table read began.

From start to finish, the script keeps you engaged and wanting more. You feel like you’re a part of the story because there’s a character that’s identifiable to you. Not to mention, the script is just good. Not good, great. The set ups and payoffs made the sub 25 minute read seem like 5 minutes. Here are three of our favorite aspects of “Giants”:

  • The Characters are Unconventional yet Relatable:

Some of these characters occupations and dreams are, let’s say, big, bold and maybe even risqué. However, you’ll find yourself sympathizing and rooting for them because you see yourself in their hustle.

  • The Writing is Flawless:

Self-explanatory. This episode’s writer, Vanessa Baden, dropped so many Jewels that we are considering the show for weekly motivational sermon.

  • The Show Explores Deep Topics while Keeping You in Laughter:

We love a show that explores once taboo scenarios. It’s even better when the scenarios are lived out by believable characters that reflect us. What’s better than that? You will burst out laughing, many times.

Season 1 of “Giants” is currently available on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel. You have time to get caught up for season 2 which will be released in Fall 2017.