kenya moore & grandmother1

*Sadly, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has announced the passing of her paternal Grandmother, Doris Grant, following a battle with Alzheimers.

“Today I lost the only woman in the world who has ever loved me unconditionally,” Moore, 46, captioned an Instagram slideshow of six photos with Grant posted on Monday. “My grandmother who raised me from 3 days old passed away. Thank you Jehovah for sending me your Angel who taught me everything I know about love, compassion, strength, kindness, selflessness, forgiveness, family, education, brains over beauty, inner beauty, strength, respect for your elders, being true to myself….she has helped mold me into the woman I am. She truly was my best friend.”

Moore also said that her grandmother died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

“But her heart and spirit never failed her,” the “RHOA” star wrote. “Thank you Jehovah for allowing my last moment with her last month to be the last and for her to have met my loving husband. I truly believe she waited until she knew that I finally found someone to love and cherish me the way she did. She could not rest until she knew I would be taken care of by someone who deserved me. She didn’t recognize me at first but when I introduced them but she lit up with so much joy that my heart became overwhelmed. She approved and it was the happiest day of my life.”


kenya moore & grandmother

It’s no secret that Kenya has been estranged from her parents, Ronald and Patricia, for years. Her grandmother, though, had always been there for her.

“Thank you momma for being the best woman I have ever met in my life,” Moore confessed. “Thank you for approving of me and thank you for letting the world know how proud you are of me. I thank you for my life. I owe the world to you. I know you will never leave my side in life or after. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you for loving me. #unconditionallove #God #gonebutneverforgotten #family #myangel.”