*A new breakfast restaurant called “Me So Hungry” is scheduled to open in West Des Moines, Iowa, next month and the eatery has already offended Black and Asian folks because it’s white owned and features a ’90s hip-hop theme.

“It’s going to be a really fun place and all the [1990s] music will be family friendly,” Sarah Cattoor, who co-owns the restaurant with her partner Ryan Greening, told the Des Moines Register on Wednesday.

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white-owned hip hop restaurant

Cattoor and Greening, who are white, have been accused of co-opting hip-hop and black food culture. Menu items feature Southern and soul food, including chicken and waffles.

Comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page also accusing the owners of being incentive to Asians because Me So Hungry plays off the infamous “me so horny” line from a Vietnamese hooker in the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”

Cattoor and Greening told HuffPost that the criticism would be quelled once the restaurant opened and food lovers joined them for breakfast and “open up a productive dialogue about any issue.”

“We have been fans of hip-hop music along with other genres for all of our lives and look forward to opening Me So Hungry,” the couple said Monday.

“We welcome all varying views, and in fact you will likely find our views run very counter to many of the [racist] views we are being claimed to have,” they continued. “We encourage people to join us for breakfast and open up a productive dialogue about any issue.”

Well, it seems the online uproar over its name weighed heavy on Cattoor and Greening, as The Des Moines Register reports that Me So Hungry has announced plans to instead operate as Eggs & Jam.

“The name came only from a love of the 90s and we had no intention to be offensive to other cultures,” they wrote in an email Wednesday.