*Attorney Antonio Moore contrast the difference between #relationshipgoals and #relationshipfantasies to give a in depth look into American intimate relationships.

Moore uses scripture, data, and personal assessments to frame a discussion on how to move forward with mates to ultimately attain what he sees as functional #relationshipgoals. Subscribe to his channel on Youtube @tonetalks

Moore’s Allhiphop article on Black love and the artist Drake:

Drakism: Drake and our Emotional Breakdown

The larger looming question is, Have our relationships fell prey to emotions that are out of control entirely? In-between all of the the Instagram selfies and Facebook self portraits, has the development of the identity of ME and pseudo self dependence created a clash with our ability to connect with one another intimately?

To understand the argument you must first start with an understanding of intimacy, not the physical cuddling or emotional coddling. The part where you are open enough to care to your core for someone else as a mate. I see an emotional gap between people in modern American relationships across race, whereby we did not just lose functional roles with the casting away of many social values over the last 30 years. …

There has been an emotional breakdown that has cut across the fabric of our lives, that if not addressed will eat at the core values that traditionally served as the glue that connected the genders in our homes.

We are of a generation that is underexposed to quality connections, and overexposed to quantity relationships, hoping the turns in life will deliver an escape in the form of an intimate perfect we have not worked toward within ourselves.

It seems the flaw of our era is a loss of personal responsibility for happiness, for no one can ever truly save you from yourself other than you. So, the question begs, are we a society of serial monogamists hoping for a perfect fantasy, or are we more?

In the end the process that has resulted, which Drakism describes, is not a sound resolution, the hope is at the least we realize it and can make a change and keep “Holding on Cause We’re Going Home.”