Thaïs Sherell J., between the pages

Between the Pages Bookcover and author, Thaïs Sherell J.

*Nicknamed the young Oprah – entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, Thaïs Sherell J. pens one of her finest works, Between the Pages, during a time when women need a resounding voice to help break their silence about abuse at the hands of celebrities, police authorities, political figures, and local neighborhood assailants.

Recently released on, Between the Pages: Where Trials Become Triumph! is quickly becoming the most talked about book of the year.

Thaïs proclaims:

“Throughout many civilizations, women have endured much in silence. They dare not utter a word about their hardship, discomfort, or even abuse. After all, many would argue that women have no voice as they are inferior beings.

Therefore, with lips pressed tight, many women scream within and breathe when told. They stifle tears in the darkness – prisoners by memories they dare not share. So, these women – our mothers, our daughters, and our sisters – walk among us daily. They smile politely when spoken to, parading the outside pages of their existence – those happier moments. Inside however, between the pages, are the darkest lines – lines that should shame society, but rather shames she who endures.”

In order for justice to begin, Thaïs advocates for the allowance for wound healing as “Healing is a needed process if women, and society, are to progress “…because when [a] wound is suffering from infection, the whole process will restart and it will be[come] more complicated.”’ (, 2015)

She believes that in tapering the stories of those who have been victimized, we give more power to those who seek to make victims out of others. She comments, “To repair these women, we must first unbandage their hearts and allow it to be cleaned properly. We must give them a place to kick, rant, and cry; they have every right. For they need to know that they are not alone, but among a newer society that will no longer watch them be stigmatized and victimized. For we can no longer accept the fallacy that God made women lesser than our counterparts; that is a lie passed down throughout the ages. If it were true, He would have never sent the Savior of humanity to be born through a woman.”

Leading the movement, Between the Pages: Where Trials Become TRIUMPH! gives a face to the issue and delves between the pages of Joyce McDonald’s story. Thaïs declares, “There will be much darkness indeed, but more than that, you will learn how wounds are cleaned and how lives can be transformed to the highest degree.”

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