Richard Brooks stars at Agustus Barringer in The Rich & The Ruthless new original series on Streaming now! #WatchUMC

*Art imitates life, or does it?

That is the question when the rich, powerful and vain convene in Victoria Rowell’s new series: The Rich & The Ruthless on the new Urban Movie Channel, available at

Stream it now.  7 Day Free Trial. Richard Brooks stars as Augustus Barringer opposite Victoria Rowell.

Anything goes, on the set of #TheRichAndTheRuthless, including petty fights & eager soap starlets willing to do anything to stay on top!  Victoria Rowell has created a must-see dramedy! Starts Friday! #UMCOriginals

From creator Victoria Rowell, get ready for #TheRichAndTheRuthless a behind the scenes look at daytime soaps, filled with sexy characters, steamy secrets & intrigue! #UMCOriginals

Start #Streaming, only on #WatchUMC!

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