Charlamagne Tha God (L) and Lil Duval on The Breakfast Club (July 28, 2017)

Charlamagne Tha God (L) and Lil Duval on The Breakfast Club (July 28, 2017)

*Not only has comedian Lil Duval come under fire for joking on The Breakfast Club that he would kill his sexual partner if he later discovered that she was transgender, but the show’s co-host Charlamagne tha God was also targeted by transgender activists over the weekend for his comments that were deemed offensive.

During the show Friday (July 28), Charlamagne asked how Lil Duval felt about President Trump’s proposal last week to ban transgender troops from serving in the military.

“I’m just doing my thing. Shout out to all the trannies out there,” said the comedian, using what is considered a slur for transgender people.

One of the hosts asked him what he’d do if he had a sexual relationship with a woman and found out that she was a transgender woman.

“This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying,” Lil Duval said.

The hosts pushed back on the comment. “That’s a hate crime, you can’t do that,” Charlamagne told him.

“I can’t deal with that,” Lil Duval responded, growing visibly agitated by the question. “No, you manipulated me to believe in this thing. My mind, I’m gay now.”

“I can’t live with that, bro,” he continued. “This would never happen if this never happened. So you don’t have to worry about me killing nobody.”

Charlamagne cut back in, saying he believed a transgender woman who didn’t disclose to her partner that she was born male “should go to jail” or “some charges should be pressed.”

Lil Duval agreed. “There should be some kind of repercussions for that if you do that to somebody,” he said. “Until then, I’m going to have my own repercussions.”

Two days later, during Charlamagne Tha God’s symposium at Politicon, transgender activists showed up and shouted down the radio vet.

“The trans community is boycotting The Breakfast Club because your music and your ideology reinforces transphobia that kills us!” shouted a protester.

Watch below:

Below, Duval’s comment about transgener women on the Breakfast Club: