Valenzia Algarin plays spoiled daughter Veronica in the Rich & The Ruthless. UMC New Original Series created by Victoria Rowell. Stream it on UMC.TV

*Veronica, The Spoiled Daughter is a character fans can now meet and follow on The Rich and The Ruthless, thanks to the all new Urban Movie Channel.  
Veronica is the producer of the family-owned soap opera, #TheRichAndTheRuthless. She is beautiful, spoiled and the adopted daughter of Augustus and Kitty Barringer!
Shhh we can’t spill it all here.  You’ve gotta watch it on UMC, which is offering a free 7 day trail.

 You’ll grow to love, hate or admire the vicious soap divas, chiseled hunks & treacherous network executives in this hilarious original comedy series, #TheRichAndTheRuthless!

Created by #YoungAndTheRestless star, Victoria Rowell#UMCOriginals

#Streaming July 28th ONLY on #WatchUMC

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