STD lawsuits

*Following RadarOnline’s reveal of court documents that indicate Usher paid a woman $1.1 million for infecting her with the herpes virus, a second woman has also filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer.

The woman claims she had sex with Usher on April 16, 2017, and now fears he may have also put her at risk because just like his other victim(s), he failed to tell her that he was infected with the incurable sexually transmitted disease.

It’s interesting to note that according to this woman’s timeline, she had sex with Usher during his marriage to his second wife, Grace Miguel.

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STD drama

In light of these disturbing allegations against her husband, Grace has taken to social media to disrupt the chatter about her marriage by sharing a few inspirational and cryptic messages.

When news broke about Usher possibly having herpes, Grace posted a lengthy message on Instagram about her learning to love herself just as much as she loves her man.

She also posted an art piece of a woman covering her face along with the caption: “I’m still working on my public face.”

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She also posted a love quote and her caption read: Imagine if you took care of yourself The way you do a new love interest. If you listened to yourself with loving ears. Worked hard to solve your own problems with a great attitude. If you started every day saying something beautiful that you love about yourself. If you made sure that the best of everything was around you. Wanted to impress yourself with new adventures and exciting things to do. If you were determined to prove to yourself how amazing you are. If you were dating that person would you be looking for someone else? #HappyattractsHappy #Fillyourselfupwih️

As ILOSM notes, Gracie then posted an art piece by Nathaniel Mary Quinn of a woman with different faces, as if she’s wearing various masks for the public. Fans soon chimed in to offer Grace words of supprt and encouragement.

STD lawsuit

Grace’s daughter, who is a singer named Leaf, also posted an inspiring quote following Usher’s STD legal drama: “Life is the only constant everything else is variables… so I can only promise you one thing, all will change. #gowiththeflow,” she wrote