Aisha Tyler on her final day of "The Talk" (Aug 07, 2017)

Aisha Tyler on her final day of “The Talk” (Aug 07, 2017)

*Everyone at the table was crying on “The Talk” Friday (Aug 4) as co-host Aisha Tyler bid farewell to her co-stars after six seasons.

“The treasure of this show is my friendships with you guys, and that is something I could never have expected when I walked in the door here … I never imagined in a million years that it would be this magical of a place,” Tyler said, as co-hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood wept and held hands.

“The thing I’ll take with me from this show is how all of you made me, every day, want to be a better woman, and a better friend, and a better person… you four made me brave… you only have yourselves to blame for me leaving this show,” she joked.

Tyler also shed tears back in June when she announced her exit, saying she was moving on to focus on her acting projects. She has three other TV series, including “Criminal Minds,” where she’s been upped from guest to regular; “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” which she hosts; and the animated “Archer,” on which she voices a character. She’s also set to direct her first feature film.

Below, Aisha’s parting words, followed by Julie Chen’s personal tribute: