*Fans of WE tv’s “Braxton Family Values” were introduced to Andre Carter years ago as the on-again, off-again husband of Braxton sister Towanda Braxton.

Carter, aka Andre Braxton, hit up Rolling Out‘s “Reality Check” to spill the tea about his ex-missus holding out on him in the bedroom. He believes many men are in “sexless marriages,” and they don’t have a proper platform to vent about it.

Carter claims that he was in a sexless marriage with Towanda for over three years before they called it quits last year.

“It happens a lot more than men want to admit. When there is no physical intimacy the connection has deteriorated and sometimes men don’t know what to do,” he said.

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Carter said things started going downhill in their relationship after he moved out of the couple’s bedroom and into a man cave he created.

“At first I was fine being in my own room. I could watch all the porn I wanted and didn’t have to worry about her coming in,” he laughed, “but then after awhile I wanted to be with my wife and it became lonely.”

He says Towanda would always turn him down anytime he “begged” for affection, and eventually he stopped asking. But Carter also acknowledges that some of his own actions possibly contributed to his wife not being interested in intimacy with him.

“I know I did a lot to hurt her before the actual marriage and much of that never healed. I guess she just got fed up and that’s where the results of all that pain and hurt showed up,” he said.

Carter believes some women are able to have sex with their husbands even if they are upset with him, while other others would rather cut ‘em off sexually.

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If you haven’t already, WATCH Andre’s video interview above.

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