*We heard from Akini Jeffrey, producer of The Streetz Morning Takeover on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta, who hit us up to let us know what went down Friday morning at the station.

Usually you don’t see one celebrity getting involved with another’s personal mess … unless they have beef of something. So, is that the case with Angie Stone? Probably not. You see, she’s the host of her own radio show and she already interviewed Usher‘s first accuser.

In any event, Stone stopped by the Streetz Morning Takeover on Streetz 94.5 hosted by rapper/reality star Yungjoc, comedian Shawty Shawty and host Moquick to discuss the matter (and of course to promote her interview with the woman).

Stone stated that the young lady’s text messages were leaked by her former publicist who tried to sell the information to several outlets. This is how the lawsuit against Usher got started.

YungJoc was not convinced, based on the story and you can see Angie Stone and YungJoc having a debate on what may or may not be true from her story.

Check it all out via the player above.


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Meanwhile, as far as Ursh is concerned, he’s appears to not be worried about his accuser. Here’s what we reported earlier …

*As far as hearing from Usher regarding the $20 million lawsuit he’s facing from a woman who claims he gave her herpes, the singer hadn’t said much about it … until today.

According to legal paperwork filed by the entertainer, he pointed out that her lawsuit says nothing about whether she had been tested prior to their alleged sexual encounter.

“A previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her,” was Usher’s comment. And he says the Georgia woman could have contracted the STD after their alleged encounter.

He wasn’t through. He also said the woman assumed the risk of getting herpes by having “casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and/or oral sex.”

Reading between the lines we see that Usher did not attack the lawsuit by saying he couldn’t have given her herpes.

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