*The owner of a local gym in Atlanta is not apologizing for putting up a sign that made it clear: “No Cops and No Veterans!”

A photo of the sign — it could be seen from the street — was sent to 11 Alive by a military veteran who said he was offended when he saw it. The gym is located on Flat Shoals Avenue in Atlanta’s east Atlanta Village neighborhood.

In the photo, taken from the gym’s Facebook page, the hand-written sign reads: “RULES:  DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, CORRECTLY, EXCEPT CROSSFIT CULTISM – NO FUCKING COPS”.

In the comments to that post, a man named Drew Keegan asked “What exactly does this sign mean hanging on your door? Specifically, the last part.”

In response, EAV Barbell CLUB said “It means that police are not welcome in our establishment.”

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Reporter Faith Abubey talked to the gym’s owner, Jim Chambers, and he said he’s not apologizing. However, he did remove the sign temporarily because of the profanity.

“It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign, and that seems to bring it out for people,” said Chambers. The club’s ‘No Cop’ policy is no longer plastered on the front door.

“I didn’t want the other folks there to take the heat that I’m willing to take,” Chambers said. Despite the backlash, he still stands by the message the sign conveyed.

“We’ve had an explicitly stated ‘No Cop’ policy since we opened, and we also don’t open membership to active members of the military,” he said, adding that he plans to put the ‘No Cop’ sign back up without the profane language.

Many are now wondering what happens if Chambers or anyone inside the gym needs the police.

Chambers says they never have, and never will need the help of law enforcement.

Lawyers have weighed in on the matter and have noted that while the policy is strange, only the courts can decide if EAV Barbell Club is violating any anti-discrimination laws.