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*Earlier we reported that Deandre Harris, a 20-year-old young man from Charlottesville, Virginia was attacked and beaten with sticks/poles by white racists while attending the anti-hate rally in that city on Saturday.

As a result of that vicious attack that was caught on photo, Harris had to get stitches in his head and suffered a broken wrist and a chipped tooth.

Following the traumatic attack, Harris had enough of his faculties left to think to create a GoFundMe page to raise money for the medical bills that he would inevitably be facing.

 “If it was not for my friends that I came with I would have been beaten to a pulp,” Harris described his cause. “No law enforcement stepped in to help me. Once I was dragged off to some near by steps I was taken to the designated area for injured protesters & counter-protesters. My injuries were too extensive to be treated at the scene so I was taken to the ER at Martha Jefferson Hospital. I was diagnosed with a concussion, an ulnar fracture, and had to receive eight staples in my head.”


deandre harris - deandre harris being beaten


Harris added:

“I also have a laceration across my right eyebrow, abrasions on my knees & elbows, and a chipped tooth. I’m so blessed to be alive to tell my story and to show the world that racism is very much still alive. The funds will be used to pay for my medical bills. I appreciate the support from my friends, family, and the news platforms that have reached out to check on me. We will not let this fade & disappear. People are carrying real hate in their hearts for the Black Community and I refuse to just let it happen. God Bless & thank you all again!”

Harris goal was $50,000. However, since posting the GoFundMe request, Harris’ page has raised over $100,000!