Los Angeles — Talking to NBA veteran, Marcus Banks, about his future seems very bright, pinpointing Ice Cube and Earvin “Magic” Johnson as inspiration for how he wants to pattern himself.

EURweb associate, Robin Ayers, sat down for a one-on-one interview with Banks to discuss plans for his future and his involvement with Ice Cube’s Big 3 League.

Marcus stated, “Cube and Magic Johnson and guys like that, that’s the path that I’m following.”

He is adamant about following big footsteps as Banks dropped an exclusive piece of information with EURweb!

“I’m actually running for Senator (from Nevada),” Banks says confidently. “Actually I’m taking after guys like Kevin Johnson. He ran for (and became a two term mayor) in Sacramento and he played for the (Phoenix Suns). At the end of the day I’m just trying to do something different,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Marcus has joined the Ghost Players team of Ice Cube’s Big 3 League that has brought together some of basketball’s Hall of Famers, World Champions and All-Stars including Marcus Banks himself.

The name, “Big 3 League,” is an insinuation of the way the game is played: 3 players against 3 other players. Some have described the concept of this format as “street ball,” usually conducive to allowing players to show more creativity and style in the way they play.

“In your head it’s kind of similar but it’s absolutely totally different basketball. It’s really fundamentally sound. You’ve got to think, all these guys are professionals and have been professionals for fifteen plus years,” says Banks.

Watch the entire interview to see more of what Banks had to say including his thoughts and advice on making a lot of money at such an early age.

For more information, tickets and scheduling for the Big 3 League, visit http://big3.com/.