Ryan Wash

Ryan Wash

*Ryan Wash, an openly gay debater from Kansas who won the 2013 Cross Examination Association and National Debate Tournament championships, will be the subject of a biopic being developed by several powerhouse production companies, according to Deadline.

The coming-of-age story follows an openly gay male debater from inner-city Kansas who emerges from personal turmoil that includes the death of his mother, and embarks on a life-long search to re-find home in the electrifying world of competitive debating.

Deadline reports: “It is a world that simultaneously inspires and betrays him, until he embraces his own identity and revolutionizes the debate establishment.”

Daniel Barnz has been set to direct and co-write the script with Wash and Ned Zeman, in a co-production between Plan B, Annapurna, MACRO and We’re Not Brothers, which Barnz runs with Ben Barnz.

Annapurna will distribute and co-finance with MACRO. Wash will be an executive producer.

Wash continues to impact the competitive arena, recently coaching the 2017 CEDA and NDT champions.