blind item

*A very disturbing Blind Item posted over at CDAN could potentially break the internet if the players involved are ever revealed. Although, as you read it, the players become painfully obvious.

Check it out:

“Over the years I have written bits and pieces of the entirety of this story as they were told to me. Over the last week or two, it has all come together to the point where I don’t even know where to begin. Go back almost a decade. You had this foreign born rising star in his early teens. He flies here to the US and meets one of his idols. Probably a permanent A lister. The idol is closeted and has sex with women but much prefers men. Well, young men. He made it very clear to the teen what he needed to do and the teen did it. Did it is probably the wrong term. The teen was raped. Repeatedly. By his idol.

This went on for years. The teen was super confused. He was becoming an A+ lister. He is still pretty close to that now. Women were throwing themselves at him but his only sexual experiences had been with this singer who was raping him. I don’t think our singer has ever really adjusted to that time period. He needs a lot of therapy and he is getting it. BUT, and this is a big but. The people he is getting therapy from are people who have ulterior motives. The biggest of those motives is money. Our singer is handing money over hand over fist. More exploitation is not what he needs.

It will come out eventually and then he will be using more and end up in a death spiral. Another big issue in all of this are the ongoing legal troubles of the permanent A lister. His sexual history and partners are going to come out and it is going to drag the subject of this blind front and center.

Do you believe it or nah?

Foreign born rising star:

Permanent A lister:

Ulterior motives therapy: