brandy & girl - pregnant look

*See the picture above? The one with singer/actress Brandy Norwood and another female. Yes, that one. If you look at Brandy’s mid-section, it looks like …

1. She had big meal
2. She’s bloated
3. She’s sportin’ a baby bump!

We wouldn’t be surprised if you guessed number 3. That’s what a lot of folks guessed, but they are wrong. Brandy of course got wind of what’s being said about her and headed to Instagram to set the record straight.

“#SillyGirl Pregnant my ass… Damn can a bitch just could have been bloated yesterday? I ain’t gon lie, I did look pregnant… but you would think I would have had the Baby by now… lol… so Nah son..,” is how she captioned a video.

BTW, that video shows her kinda, sorta shaking/gyrating her body almost like a cheerleader or something to … we guess show/prove that she’s not pregnant?  Honestly, since she’s not saying anything, that’s the best guess we can come up with. Or maybe it means nothing.


In other news about Brandy, earlier this month she returned to the Broadway musical “Chicago” as Roxie, the 1920s cheating housewife who is catapulted to fame as the prime suspect in the murder of her lover. By her side as Roxie’s rival Merry Murderous Velma was Lana Gordon — a Broadway veteran of musicals like “The Lion King” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

What’s different this time, though is that its 2 black actresses playing the role of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly.

Both performers have appeared in the show before — Brandy starred in a four-month engagement in 2015 and then on a few stops for the show’s national tour, and Gordon performed for a few weeks last summer and fall before joining the production this January. But like other black actresses cast in the show in the past, it was always alongside a white actress as their counterpart.

As People noted, the moment seemed to affect Brandy, who broke into tears during her curtain call as she stood beside Gordon.

“#Herstory #History,” she wrote later on Instagram, calling Gordon her “new mentor” and “such a light.”

Gordon agreed, calling it a “#nighttoremember.”

#Herstory #History with my new mentor @lanajeangordon !!! You are such a light ?#VelmaXRoxie @chicagomusical

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You can get the rest of this report at People.