cardi b & orange bentley

*OK, let’s get material this afternoon/evening here on EURweb. And with that in mind, may we present to you Miss Cardi B and her newest toy.

Cardi obviously loves bright colored, super expensive stuff … so, reportedly, she just paid $240K in CASH for a brand new Donald Trump orange Bentley Bentayga.

We hear she picked up her new ride yesterday (08-16-17) and it fits her personality perfectly: it’s flashy, bright and very “in yo face,” too. 🙂

“Ehhhh motherf*ckers look at my new car,” Cardi bragged on Instagram, while movin’  that booty from side to side in front of her new ride, all the while sporting hella-long hair extensions (we can only wonder how much that set her back).


We assume the funds to buy the Bentley came from her big hit “Bodak Yellow.”

By the way, “Bodak’s” success has made her the first female emcee to have an solo hit on the top 10 Billboard charts since Nicki Minaj’s 2014 smash “Anaconda.” On top of that, Cardi’s getting major props from rap’s finest including Drake.

Of course her fans are happy for her, but one of them, Tracy Brown Tillman, warns her to not not let her success go to head and end up broke.

“Damn Cardi B, I love you but please dont be foolish and go broke like some of them. You deserve something nice for working hard but there are wise and rich folks that dont even own a Bentley, especially on your first big check. You should have waited a little bit to see what your irs tax bracket is going to be. I dont want you to end up like others when the IRS drops that hammer. Many blessings to you!”

Another Cardi B fan, Annette Parker, co-signed Tracy Brown Tillman:

“This is so true…but Carli came from the streets…she’s like a kid in a candy shop… I understand her sending her money like that….But…. I hope she listens to advice like this…Excellent and thoughtful real life….advice!”

Congrats Cardi!